The Mural Process 

The process of having a mural painted for your home or business is very straight forward and only takes a couple of steps, whether you know what you want painted or not.

Step One: Free Design Concept & Quote

Initially I will visit the site to take photographs and to talk with you about any vision you may have for your space. Alternatively, you can simply email me images of the space and any reference pictures that will help me understand what you’re trying to achieve. Not sure exactly what you want? No problem! The initial set of concept ideas is just a starting point that will help us narrow down the things you like and the things you don’t like.

When I design, I take into consideration the architecture of the space, the viewing angles, the lighting, the color palette and of course, your tastes. Through a process of discussion and adjustment we eventually find the concept which is perfect for you. 

Each concept I present comes with a quote so that you can see how the cost will relate to the content. I bid each project individually but the cost is somewhat based on the time it will take to create. The general rule of thumb is, the less detailed the content, the lower the cost. But it never costs you a penny to find out!

Step Three: Solidify Design, Schedule, & Begin Painting

Once we arrive at the concept you love, I schedule a time which is convenient for you, and I paint your project directly on the wall or on canvas or panel depending on your specific needs. The paint I use is heavy body acrylic and non-toxic. Upon completion your project will be clear coated for protection.

Step Four: Enjoy Your Mural!

Now it's time to enjoy your new space!

Andy Eccleshall paints Echo Lake mural

Painting outdoor public mural of Echo Lake on major roadway.

Time lapse video done by a client of me painting his stairwell mural.

Let's Get Started

You can reach me directly by phone or email to discuss any questions or concerns you may have throughout the whole mural process -- from concept to completion.

Contact me today to talk about the project you're dreaming up or need help dreaming up! 

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