Andy Eccleshall murals in the news
Eccleshall’s diverse portfolio showcases his willingness to honor that every homeowner and business is unique.
— Megan Brown

Andy Eccleshall paints Salon Seattle murals

Andy Eccleshall paints Edmonds mural

Andy Eccleshall paints for Wesley Homes memory care
I’m so happy with Andy’s work. The Arbor residents may not be able to go to a museum, but Andy helped me bring fine art to them.
— Carla Lopez-Wilkerson

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July 2016 American Art Collector.jpg
Andy Eccleshall in American Art Collector

American Art Collector

July 2016

Andy Eccleshall in Southwest Art magazine

Andy Eccleshall in the Seattle Times
Andy Eccleshall paints Shoreline mural
Seattle Sketcher paints Any Eccleshall mural
What makes the acrylic painting remarkable is the optical illusion of a road opening up in front of you.
— Gabriel Campanario (Seattle Sketcher)

...this artwork should be a neighborhood icon for years to come.
— Shoreline Area News

. . . his striking works can be appreciated for both their breathtaking visuals and technical skill.
— Brian Soergel